NLW 21387E, rhif 4

E.W. about 1774 worked at his Trade as a Marble and Freestone mason with Mr. Davison of Sandwich in Kent to whom he was foreman.

Mr. Davison being in a fever confined to his Bed sent for EW up to him and desired him to go very early next morning to Mr Minter of Ash, a village about 2 or 3 Miles distant from Sandwich and to draw out an Account of freestone done on Ash Church and to measure a freestone coping that had been laid on a wall round a very large Church yard, and to add it to the other Acc.t and also to request of Mr, Minter (who was Church Warden) to pay 10 £ on acc.t - E.W. went according, but he got up at Midnight dressed himself, to his pocket book and the Acc.t with him, tale for measuring &c and went towards Ash seeing daylight all the way, when he came to the Church yard he measured the coping having daylight, apparently, all the while, having measured the Whole of the Coping, he took out his Pocket book and a piece of paper thereon to enter the number of feet which the Coping measured, just as he had done this the clock struck One, he awoke and found himself in the middle or dead of night, and that all that he had done had been done in Sleep, in which he had seen daylight all the while, having been thus awakened from his sleep he was surprised, but not frightened he staid until it was day, and then measured the work and found that he had in his [pocket book] measured it with the greatest exactness