NLW 21387E, no. 8

My Brothers Miles & John are Bricklayer[s] they went over to Jamaica in 1777, where they soon by exertions of industry got into a good line of business. My Brother Thomas, a Stone Mason, went also to Jamaica in 1785, he has also been successful. I believe at least hope that they still retain their habits of industry and sobriety which has done so much for them. I am however sorry to hear that they are slave-holders, one of my first letters to them expressed my strong disapprobation of that most horrid traffick in human blood. I have since that transmitted similar sentiments to them, this however or something, I know no[t] what has, I suspect given offence, for they have for more than seven years declined answering my lett[ers] they will greatly dishonour the memory of a mother whose maxims of virtue and humanity once strongly impressd on their minds, qualified them for that advancement from a very humble to (as far as wealth can effect it) very respectable situation in life. Which they have experienced.