Iolo Morganwg at Edward Jones, 1 Ionawr 1794

(NLW 21286E, Llythyr 1022)

Iolo Morganwg to Edward Jones (Bardd y Brenin)

1 January 1794

Address: Edward Jones Esqr. (Duw a'n cadwo ni [God save us]) at Mr Chambers, Grocer, No. 122 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square. Postmark: none
Source: NLW 21286E, no. 1022
Status and condition: copy / draft

Mr Humstrum,
I understand by what I hear from many, but more particularly from a gentleman in whose company I was this morning, that you take unwarrantable liberties with my name. This does not become a tongue that inhabits such a stupid skull as yours. You must desist, and, what is more, you must publickly recant, or I will, in a few days, give you from the press such a literary drubbing as ever any scoundrel had. You shall no longer pass for the supposed author of what you only begg'd and filch'd from every corner that you possibly could. Mr John Walters shall have his due, so shall Mr William Owen, and I shall myself claim a few of those feathers in which the impudent Jack Daw struts about. You have been meddling with edge tools.

Edward Williams

Endorsement: Humstrum