William Mathews at Iolo Morganwg, 6 Hydref 1796

(NLW 21281E, Llythyr 276)

Address: Mr Edward Williams.
Postmark: BATH
Source: NLW 21281E, no. 276

Bath and West of England Agriculture &c Society's rooms,
Bath, Oct. 6 1796

My friend Williams,

I received your letter, and so far as I can discover, you seem to have very copious and proper ideas of the due execution of the trust reposed in you by the Board of Agriculture. I wish you health to go through your undertaking. I perceive it is difficult for you to get through a sheet of writing without aiming a shaft at tyrants and priests. To me this is very well. You will excuse me for giving you a hint against your suffering any political reflections to come into your survey, which may savour of party. It is not necessary, and may defeat your labours. I return your manuscript and send you a treatise on tithes as a present. It is written by a Quaker, and has some party reasoning, but you will find much historical truth in it. There are numerous other treatises, as Sir Henry Spelman's and Selden's of the last century.
You will find the subject handled in Blackstone's Commentaries, in the Encyclopedia and elsewhere. We have several treatises on the subject belonging to the Society, but none of them at home.

Your assured friend,
Wm Matthews

I send also a few little things which may possibly be read by some serious Welch people who cannot afford to buy books.