William Jenkins Rees at Iolo Morganwg, 28 Ionawr 1822

(NLW 21282E, Llythyr 420)

Dengys y llythyr hwn y parch a'r bri a fwynhâi Iolo yn y cylchoedd hyn.


William Jenkins Rees to Iolo Morganwg

28 January 1822

Address: Mr Edward Williams, Bard according to the Privilege and Order of the Bards of the Island of Britain, at Merthyr Tydvil
Postmark: none.
Source: NLW 21282E, no. 420

Cascob near Presteign, January 28 1822

Dear Sir,

I gladly avail myself of this oppertunity to congratulate you on your enjoying so good health and spirits as you appeared to have at Brecon. For, although you asserted the contrary, old age seemed not to have made any impression since the time I had the pleasure of meeting you at Carmarthen eisteddfod. I was particularly glad to see you at Brecon as it shewed you true to your colours, and your anxiety to be at your post when your presence was wanted. Although the Cambrian cause met with some opposition at the place, yet having planned the matter beforehand, the forming of the Cambrian Society in Gwent went off as well as could be expected. As therefore things have begun well, I hope they will proceed, and that we shall have an eisteddfod at Brecon, which, for literary talent and gentry, will be as brilliant as any of the preceding. Were you but twenty years younger I am sure that you would so interest yourself and ring such a peal of exhortation and excitation on the occasion as would infuse patriotism even into the Anglo-Cambrians, and make them anxious to encourage the literature of their country. Yet, although you are advanced in years, I am sure that you will, notwithstanding, do your best and embrace every opportunity to excite your acquaintance to come forward like true Cambrians. It gave me no small pleasure and satisfaction, I assure you, to be informed that you had made so much progress in printing the Cyfrinach, as you mentioned at Brecon, but I was rather disappointed in receiving the information from my brother that, owing to some unexpected circumstances, the work would not be out so soon as was expected, and that probably it would not be ready for publication before the month of March. Mr Jenkins of Kery complained some time ago that he had anxiously waited for a letter from your son, and if he has not written to him, I would recommend either you or him to write, as Mr Jenkins is a person of whom too much cannot be said in his favour, and it would be a pity to shew him disrespect by not answering his letters. Mr Jenkins had his annual meeting of bardic neighbours in the second week in the new year, at which Mr Walter Davies, and his son, Mr Thomas Richards of Berriew, and brothers, myself and others were present. I communicated to them the particulars of our Brecon meeting, and your intention of visiting that part of the country in the course of the year, which they said they were glad of, as they wished to have your company. Whenever you feel disposed to visit Cascob, be so good as to let me hear from you, that I may take care to be at home, and which must be before the middle of May, as I shall probably set out for London about that time, and shall not be settled at home perhaps for two months afterwards. Should your daughter be desirous of attending you, I will endeavour to make her welcome. I will thank you to present my respects to your son, and with wishing you every success in promoting Cambrian literature, I am, dear Sir,

Yours very sincerely,

W. J. Rees

Endorsement: Revd Mr Rees, Casob, January 1822